Different adorable writing instruments from the house of mont blanc pens!

Montblanc has come a long way from the time the company was launched. Initially, they used to manufacture only Fountain pens. But gradually over the years they have manufactured ball point pens and other writing instruments besides a host of other products and items like wallets, perfumes, jewelry items as well as high-end Swiss watches. But whenever we take this brand’s name or think about them the first image that conjures up in our mind comprises of mont blanc pens. It is because of their world class writing instruments that they have been able to create their international niche and interests. They have several collections such as:

* Montblanc Meisterstuck
* Montblanc Star Walker
* Montblanc Boehme
* Montblanc Etoile De Montblanc
* Montblanc Diva Line
* Montblanc Heritage

However, if you are looking for some mont blanc pens that you can consider as a gift item, you can check out Montblanc Etoile Mediterranee with model number 105958. This pen is a stunning piece and is sure to become a favorite of the receiver.

Features of the pen:

A Rollerball type pen, this writing instrument comes with a Blue-Gray Translucent Lacquer Barrel that is beautifully highlighted with .925Sterling Silver. The cap of the pen is also made out of .925Sterling Silver along with the enigmatic Blue-Gray Translucent Lacquer. This writing instrument is further decorated with several diamonds with a Total Weight of – Ct 0.06. This writing instrument comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer warranty. The most interesting part of this pen is the Champagne-Tone Gold-Plated clip that goes beautifully with the overall look and finish of the pen.

Another of the mont blanc pens that you can check out comprises of the Montblanc Etoile De Montblanc with model number 103380. This pen too is sure to be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

Features of the writing instrument:

A Mechanical Pencil type writing instrument this pen has a Platinum-Plated clip with a Black Resin barrel. This pen too is adorned with shiny and bright diamonds that has a Total Weight of – Ct 0.06. This writing instrument too has a 2 Year Manufacturer warranty.

In case you wish to check out other collections, you can always visit their website and go through the details of the writing instruments. In fact, their limited edition range named after different celebrities are also quite popular and sought after, so one can check out that collection as well. With so many different varieties and choices at hand, trust me you are sure to get spoilt for choices. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out their different collections today only.

Home Office Equipment Essentials

Home Office Equipment Essentials

It is important to have the right kind of office equipment to ensure all employees are comfortable and are able to focus in their work. An office should have modern equipments that are of high quality to increase productivity of the team. There are variety of equipments available in the market hence one should be careful when choosing them. For instance, one needs to consider the availability of technical support and software updates, availability of spare parts, price and the skills of the end users. Let’s look at some of the essential office equipments in details;


Today, information is considered as the lifeblood of any successful business. In fact, every office requires a computer irrespective of the size of the organization. According to taste and preferences of individuals, one can choose to use a desktop or a laptop. Computers make work easier by reducing office paperwork hence saving time and cost. When a computer is connected to a reliable internet, it becomes easy to communicate .Likewise; one can access any information that can be useful for the business from the outside world.


These are equipments that are used to generate hard copies of documents for filling. Every office that has a computer is likely to have a printer. Some of the most important documents that need to be printed includes invoices, letters etc. Today, color printers and laser printers are common of printers used by modern offices.


It copies images and coverts them to digital images that can be stored in a computer. Once images are scanned, it becomes easy to share them with others through emails. Due to the technological advancement, you can get a printer, a copier and a scanner from the same equipment.

Laminating machines

The machine helps in preserving the documents for a long time by laminating it. Two thin layers of clear plastic are put on each side of the document. The document then passes through the machine where the plastic is melted down. The equipments are mainly used to produce ID badges, create signage, preserve photos etc.

Paper shredders

These are office equipments that are used to cut papers into small pieces such that it is impossible to gather any information when you try to put the shredded papers together. They are mainly used to protect sensitive information. Most of the offices use commercial and professional paper shredders.

Other office equipments include desks and chairs, telephones, dictation machines, label markers etc. In a nut shell, when furnishing your office, you need to do proper planning. On the other hand, it is advisable to have an estimated budget to attain desired results.

Types Of Office Furniture

Types Of Office Furniture


All that you want to do now is to set up an office and you are already there over the expenses you may incur. Whether or not you want to go for an office or you want to convert your home into an office, there are certain things which make an office an office or even a home office. Furniture takes the top priority of being part of an office. Here, let us see some of the basic types of furniture or office furniture.

In all probability, you must have at least one computer that you use for your office. A computer turns out to be the basic equipment in your office. You sure need to have one for all that you can do even though you are running a business remotely connected to a computer. You would need a computer for other things for sure as it has become almost mandatory and computers being luxury was history.

This means that you will have to use computer desk, at least one. A computer desk reserves a place for your computer and yourself to carry out your everyday work instead of roaming about in the house with the laptop having to lie down on your couch or bed to work. This is not good for any business. The furniture called computer desks is very much important for your business even if you own a laptop.

Now that we have counted on the desk and its usage, a chair is very much important as well. The desk becomes a complete part of the office furniture only when there is a chair associated with it. The chair, which is part of the office furniture, may have to be ergonomically designed, well-cushioned and convenient. Moving around in your office being seated is one thing that is very much important in your office or home office as you have things scattered all over the place.

As an office, even though most have gone electronic, you do need to have adequate papers to document your business. File Cabinet Furniture is very much important to place your business documents, papers, flyers, brochures, company collaterals, reports and so many other things involving papers. File cabinet Furniture may be made of either metal or wood and depending upon your choice of the same, you can get one.

Other types of office furniture include book shelves (small or big), sofas, chairs etc. To make your guests feel comfortable, you do need chairs and sofas. These are some of the basic and widely used types of furniture. Buy such office furniture and make your office a complete one!